Hurricane Information and Tips
Being Prepared is the Best Defense

  There are no weather systems that pose a potential threat to our area at this time !

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Hurricane Category Chart

These tips will help you minimize the potential danger and damage to your property before hurricane season starts.

• Make sure you have working emergency equipment such as flashlights, batteries, portable radios, and portable or stand-by generators.
• Look for weak spots in doors, windows and roofs.
• Check all roof vents for proper installation.
• Check for loose and clogged rain gutters and downspouts.
• Trim trees and shrubbery so weak branches don't fall onto the house.
• Cut air channels through your trees to help save them.
• Buy and store materials like storm panels and plastic to properly secure your home.

This is a list of suggested items that should be included in a home hurricane kit.

Battery operated alarm clock
Baby food, diapers, formula, etc
Battery operated radio and TV
Extra batteries for all  electronics and flashlights
Blankets and pillows
Bottled water
Butane lighter
Caned food, dry food
Gasoline and oil
Fill car with gas
LP gas
Grill or camp stove
Cash, credit cards
Drivers license
Insurance information
Important telephone numbers
Valuable papers
Cellular telephone
Two changes of clothes for each person
Cooking utensils
Non electric can opener
Pots and pans
Extra pet food
Fire extinguisher
First aid kit
Gloves and goggles
Chain saw
Glasses or contacts
Ice chest
Sleeping bags
Paper towels
Toys for children
Zip lock bags
Water purification tablets
Water containers ( 7 gallons per person )
Extension cords
Duct tape
Plastic or tarps
Wet / Dry vac
Camera and film to record damage

Tune to local radio and television for up to the minute weather conditions. Also tune to NOAA weather for warnings and watches. The local NOAA  information is broadcast on a frequency of 162.400 Mhz.

This list may not contain all items necessary for every person. Please adapt this list to ones individual needs. This list is to serve as a guide only.

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