The Aynor Rescue Squad was chartered in 1979 to provide a much needed service to the citizens of the Aynor area and the millions of tourist that pass through our town each year. These essential emergency services are provided to the citizens of the Aynor / Galivants Ferry area at no cost. Through fund raising and donations, these services are made possible. The closest hospital is 20 miles away thus emphasizing the critical need in our area. Aynor Rescue provides search and rescue, crash victim extrication, water search and rescue, patient transport, C.P.R. classes, first aid classes, and stand-bys.
The Aynor Rescue has come a long way in its 27 years of its existence. This progress has taken place because of the hard work of its members, former and present, as well as the support of the citizens of the entire area. Below are photographs that document the outstanding growth and progress of Aynor Rescue. Many people have worked countless hours to dramatically improve the level of emergency care in this area.


Formation meetings began here at the Aynor Town Hall

We were allowed to use this as our first squad building

Group Shot 1981
(L to R) David Parker, Johnny Baker, Wayne Dawsey, Chris Parker,
Gail Small, Kenny Small, Johnny Holden, Waldon Shelley, Pat Parker, Jerry Ray

Army Surplus 4x4 vehicle

Stand-bys at festivals

Chevy Blazer 4x4

1983 Harvest Hoe-Down Festival

We purchase our own building (1985)

1979 Ford type II ambulance

Our building (vehicle access in rear)

We take delivery of new unit on October 27, 1997 from Peach State Ambulance
(L- Ronney   R- Jim)

Aynor Rescue equipment 1998

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